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securing sprocket
This ingenious technique - a trick pulled straight from the magic hat of track legend GIOVANNI PETTENELLA - enables the secure assembly of a track sprocket without having to use the traditional lock ring too. This is very handy as it enables you to use hubs that don't have space for the lockring, and inverting the rotational directions shown it is possible to remove the sprocket without having to use special tools.

1) loosen chain

Thread the sprocket onto the rear hub by hand and secure snugly. With the chain resting on the bottom bracket shell and on the rear sprocket, place rear wheel in the horizontal dropouts. The chain is now loose.

step 1

2) wrapping the chain

With the rear wheel firmly secured to the frame, slowly wrap the chain around the sprocket in such a way as to trap it inside the chain itself.

step 2

3) tighten chain

Keep wrapping the chain around the sprocket until it is taut, on one side tightly wrapped around the sprocket and on the other around the bottom bracket shell.

step 3

4) securing the sprocket

Grip the rim of the wheel firmly and rotate in an anti-clockwise direction (avoid applying excessive force as this may damage the threads of the hub). With this technique it is possible to apply a tightening torque much greater than that available using a chain whip: the force is applied at a distance which coincides with the radius of the wheel instead of the much smaller radius of the sprocket, greatly increasing the leverage. The lock ring is now unnecessary.

step 4
home > stuff > securing sprocket
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